Embroidery, Skull, Wire


A very strong piece from the usually more consensual artist, depicting Jesus Chrabbit getting elegantly crucified on a cross suspended on a skull beads rosary. And it does go even further, if you’ve been trying to guess what the top lock represents… it is simply as it is, a human uterus, and here representing Maria Magdalena’s uterus, which could have born Jesus’ offspring.

It is also strong for her, as her Basque ancestors and family were mistreated and held under for so long, in part by the Christian Church. That said, she does not hold a grudge as such, but yet keeps questioning.

Nonetheless, Zako’s happy nature is fully there, Jesus Chrabbit does not look unhappy there. He does belong to the plush world too.


This over-large (16 m²) sculpture, combines various techniques and is made of embroidered wire, papier-mâché, wood.


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