Cats, Embroidery, Wire

Inspiration “7 catZ collection”

Cats are in general nonchalant and carrying some sort of enviable demeanor or irreverence toward the rest of the world. As they have fascinated people for a long time, they were also the nuisance reducing tool. Now, kitten videos have invaded the web, showing a new attitude towards animals in general. The catZ collection draws on cultures that have depicted cats while providing a contemporary touch to each of them. It is often said that cats have seven lives… and the catZ collection has 7 catZ.


Ming hails from China as one would guess, but from the Ming Dynasty era and its cultural and artistic realm. Maybe it is the one from the Ming bowl where the cat slept in. Ming Dynasty bowls from that time are considered antiques and worth a fortune. Ming just woke up, about to be on its way…

Size 75 x 35 x 20 cm